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Innovative approaches today are those that are able to meet a complex world. With over a decade of experience working for social justice, environmental conservation, and community development in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, we have found that the complexity of current global issues calls us to draw together disparate disciplines, embrace new mindsets, develop new theories of change, and practice skillful means.

In our community, we seek to integrate insights from psychology, spirituality and cultural studies, to behavioural studies, social science and ecology, to develop the necessary array of methods and tools for an integral action for sustainability.

Read here the bios for those involved in our community.


Gail Hochachka

Gail Hochachka

Gail Hochachka has a BSc in Environmental Science and a MA in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies. She engages in projects, capacity building, research, and writing on integral praxis in sustainable development in Drishti and in close association with Drishti's partner organization One Sky. As Adjunct Faculty at JFK University, she teaches graduate students in the MA in Integral Theory program and leads an annual Integral Field Course to the global south. She is involved with Integral Institute in various capacities, such as a co-director of the Integral Without Borders network and as a member of the Integral Life Spiritual Center. She has authored articles in academic journals, such as in Ecological Applications, World Futures Journal and the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and has written a book entitled, Developing Sustainability, Developing the Self. An Integral Approach to International and Community Development. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Her work with these organizations and engagement in academia reflects her gift of bringing complex theory into compassionate action.

Darcy Riddell

Darcy Riddell

Darcy Riddell lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is develops leadership training and capacity-building programs for non-profit organizations (previously for Hollyhock Leadership Institute, and now for Drishti. She is also a strategic consultant on environmental campaigns (www.ForestEthics.org). Her current focal points include applying Integral Theory to forest conservation issues on the BC coast, and leading groups of inquiry for activists connecting spirituality and social change. She is most passionate about addressing the world’s pressing ecological and social problems with emerging second tier frameworks, and is working to build a community of similar practitioners. She has a M.A. Philosophy and Religion (Philosophy, Cosmolology and Consciousness) California Insititite of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA. and a B.Sc. Geography/Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia.This fall, she will begin a PhD in the Social Innovation in Waterloo University, Canada.

Lisa Gibson

Lisa Gibson has a BA in Social Work and an MA in Gender and Development. She has worked in Nepal on gender issues for over a year, and also spent extensive time in Vancouver's downtown east-side working with multiple stakeholders, including sex trade workers, business owners, police, and community centers, to help support community well-being. Currently, she is working part time with One Sky on its Leading From Within project in Nigeria, while also contributing to Drishti work in BC and Latin America. Much of her social change work in Vancouver and overseas is supported by her inquiry into the meaning of life and Spirit, spending a lot of time on her yoga mat and meditation cushion. A practitioner of Ashtanga yoga and meditation for many years, she has recently been studying Zen and Big Mind with teachers Genpo Roshi and Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei. She holds these contemplative practices as a seamless part of her social change work in the world.

Julian Gonzalez

Julian was born in Brazil, raised in Argentina, travels the world for work in community economic development and sustainability, and now lives in Vancouver, BC. He is currently involved with EcoPlan International as an analyst with experience in community economic development, public engagement, decision analysis, GIS analysis, data/environmental visualization, and statistical analysis and exploration. He holds a Master’s of Science in Natural Resources Management from UBC, as well as an undergraduate degree in engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires in Argentina. Julian is currently completing his PhD at the University of British Columbia. He is also actively part of Awake in Action, which is the social action arm of the Vancouver Shambhala Centre.

John Scheunhage

John resides in Victoria, BC where he works as a psychotherapist weaving together somatic and integral approaches to embodied healing and transformation for his clients.  He completed his MA in Counseling Psychology (with Somatic and Integral Specializations) at John F. Kennedy University.  From 2006-2009 he was the Program Coordinator for the world's first graduate program in Integral Theory at JFK University in California, and associate conference organizer for the inaugural 2008 Integral Theory Conference.  While in California he studied for two years with master body-mind therapist Bill Bowen completing two professional certificates in Psycho-Physical Therapy.  Alongside his private practice, he is a counselor for BC Families in Transition, a leading not-for-profit mental health agency.  Passionate about lived embodied awareness as a foundation and transformative space for integral practice and application, he brings to Drishti valued perspective on the importance of interiors and using our self as instrument.

Previously involved:

James Baye

James Baye

Manifesting the fullest expression of your life is what motivates James. As a Certified Integral Coach James Baye integrates over twenty years of experience from the fields of health care, system design, event production and transpersonal development. He is a coach for Drishti: Centre for Integral Action, iEvolve Global Practice Community, as well as having is own practice as a coach, and as a cardiac surgical nurse. Through his involvement in athletics, yogic arts, and spiritual discipline James brings a comprehensive integration of rigor and intuition to his work. His depth of focus, presence, creativity and compassion allows him to meet you in what truly matters - the heart-truth of your life. Regardless if you are in business, politics, or social service; artistic creation, relational development or spiritual discovery – James promotes you to explore your aspirations and vitalize your intentions until they become your reality. Check out his website here.


Sandra Thomson

Sandra ThomsonSandra Thomson is a consultant in project management, research, and writing, and former Project Coordinator of Gaia Project of BC the international programming branch of Sierra Club of BC. She spent two years in Bolivia working with Cuso, and brings extensive cross-cultural and Latin American fieldwork experience to this proposed project. She also brings experience in project management, including planning , design, implementation and evaluations as well as a variety of experience using participatory methodologies to design and evaluate community projects, designing and conducting reflective processes, and needs assessments. She has facilitated creative and innovative workshops, and has strong skills and abilities in networking, research, writing, problem solving, and using intuitive and interpersonal skills to work with people and create well-functioning teams. She is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish.